First Hour of Leh-Chilling Drive in Ladakh

Leh-Chilling cycling ride

On July 14, 2014, we hired a Maruti Van for a Leh-Chilling drive in Ladakh. The van window offered a perfect opportunity to capture the almost treeless house of the Zanskar River on camera because the skillful driver minimized jerks and drove at slow and steady pace. The 2-hour drive …

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Funny Moments from Nanda Raj Jat Trek

Jokes from Nanda Raj Jat, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

I did Nanda Raj Jat trek in 2014. The trek winding through Chamoli, Uttarakhand was tough but there were a number of humorous incidents that lighten the mood for a while. Today’s slideshow features some of these moments.

Traumatic Trance in Nanda Raj Jat

Nanda Raj Jat 2014, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India

Falling into trance is common during Nanda Raj Jat yatra oragnized by Uttarakhand. I noticed that some of these trances may take an ugly turn. One of such trance is captured in the today’s photo story.

Ancient Alchi in Leh

Manjushree Temple in Alchi, Jammu and Kashmir

Alchi in Leh district is home to ancient religious art partly preserved in the Choskhor, Shangrong Lhakhang, and Tsatsapuri Monastery and modern hydro power engineering marvel, Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Project. Experience these heritage sites through our two photo stories: Ancient Alchi in Leh and Upper Alchi in Ladakh. Ancient Alchi …

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