About Best Himalayan Adventures (ABHA) Magazine
Volume 3, Issue 1 | March 2018

12 Ideas for Activity Based Holidays in the Himalayas

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August 2017. Ganderbal District. A water channel links Vishnu Sar (Background) and Krishan Sar (Foreground) in Jammu Kashmir, India.

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June 2017. Prashar. A young oracle (gur) performs a ritual at Prashar Fair in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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Check what is in the Volume 3, Issue 1 of ABHA, About Best Himalayan Adventures, an e-magazine dedicated to the adventure travels in the Himalayas.



This is the first commercial issue of ABHA, a new magazine exclusively dedicated to the travels in the Himalayas. The acronym ABHA stands for About Best Himalayan Adventures.

Let me explain why I started it. Like me, many love the Himalayas because of affordability and numerous opportunities for action packed leisure. The action comes in variety. Barring a few pockets, it is not crowded yet. True adventure destinations are many. A true adventure destination means a place where amenities and services are unavailable or only the bare basics are available.... Moreover, I did not find a travel magazine dedicated ....




Photo Features


Mountain Cycling / Driving

12. Anglers at Sukhna

18. A Drive to Manman Top

28. Road to Ringdom


45. ABCs of Nun


53. Meet Immortal Zanskar before Inflating Raft

Rock Climbing

60. HAWS, the Inspiration


63. Cover Story: Promises of Great Kashmir Lakes Trail

127. My Reasons to Express Gratitude to Valley of Flowers Trail

93. Pingbacks from Prashar

141. Vasudhara Falls Trail: A Half Day Hike along Alaknanda

107. Cheery Chanderkhani

First Impressions

157. Surprises from Suru

Himalayan Key


177. Religious Revelry at Prashar


207. Golden Marmot


213. Treasured Rhododendrons


218. First Look at Sonamarg


228. Baroo Khanqah: A Symbol of Sufism

Simple Platter

232. Chhurphe: A Chewing Gum from Ladakh


237. Boots Notes

Mountain and Your Body

240. High VO2 Max Maximizes Joys of Adventures in High Altitude

The Funnies

242 Correctly Incorrect!

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