About Best Himalayan Adventures (ABHA) Magazine
Volume 3, Issue 2 | June 2018

12 Once-in-Lifetime Experiences in the Himalayas

Jacket of About Best Himalayan Adventures (ABHA) Magazine Volume 3, Issue 2 | June 2018

On the Front Cover

May 2018. (L to R) West Sikkim. A rhododendron. Dzongri wrapped in fresh snow.

On the Back Cover

June 2018. Mask dancers, Yuru Kabgyat Festival, Lamayuru, India.

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4. Secrets from Himalayas: Ways to Spice up Wilderness Vacations

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Have a first look at the latest issue of ABHA, About Best Himalayan Adventures, an e-magazine dedicated to the adventure travels in the Himalayas.


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Photo Features

Bird, Butterfly, and Insect Watching

14. Dwellers of Devalsari

32. A Visual List from Jhilmil Jheel and Thano

Kayaking, White Water Rafting

46. Hail Impressive Indian Indus!

Mountain Cycling or Driving


64. Pedal to Moonland

86. A Road Trip around Secluded Yapola Valley

116. Hiking or Cycling: A Walk to Isolated Attitsi Monastery

138. Challenges of Deo Tibba


144. Shadows Return to Scatter Smiles (Cover Story)

196. Phoktey Dara: A Trail Leading to Peaceful Borders, Rhododendrons, Windy Tops

178. Graveyard to Homestay: In Search of Queen’s Secret

230. Power of Altitude and Attitude

First Impressions

250. Wide Angle at West Sikkim

Himalayan Key


266. Ladakhi Dussehra: Libration by Sight, Sound, Fire


308. Yak Talk: Big No to Fairness Salves


314. Vulnerable Violet Monkhood


316. First Look at Yuksom


334. Art: The Fourth Basic Need


344. A Cute Collection of Minerals and Their Carriers

Simple Platter

358. Fali: Sikkimese Gunjia

Some More Secrets


362. How to Find a Down Jacket that Doesn’t Let You Down

Mountain and Your Body

364. Personal Pharmacies and Selfies

The Funnies

366. First Taste. Many Adventures

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