Shivling in Uttarakhand, the 6th Popular Himalayan Peak

Shivling peak requiring mountaineering skills accounted for thirteen attempts, the sixth highest number of attempts on any peak in the study period. This conical peak is named after Hindu god Shiva. Highlights of 2010-14 Shivling

8 countries organized 18 Satopanth expeditions during 2010-14.

The word Satopanth literally means a good path. Satopanth peak shared the fifth spot with Yunam during 2010-14. Both were attempted eighteen times. However, Satopanth received both foreign and Indian expeditions unlike Yunam. Satopanth is

All 21 expeditions to Stok Kangri during 2010-14 were successful.

The highest point of the Stok Range, Stok Kangri (Kanglhajhal), does not require mountaineering skills during summers. Seasoned trekkers can easily conquer this six-thousander in the season. The peak offers beautiful views of the Greater

Nun in Jammu Kashmir, the 3rd Popular Himalayan Peak during 2010-14

Asian, Australian, and European mountaineers attempted Nun twenty-two times during the study period, making it the 3rd popular peak. However, there were no expeditions from Africa and Americas.   Highlights of 2010-14  Asian, Australian, and

Expeditions to Kamet, 7th Favorite Indian Himalayan Peak during 2010-14

Kamet is the highest peak of the Zaskar Range and the 2nd highest peak of the Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand. Since the peak is located in vicinity of the Indo-Tibetan border, it can also be accessed