Himalaya hotels

Room No 101 in GMVN Rahi Motel, Haridwar

On September 8, 2014, when I checked in previously booked economy room (INR 660 per person, per night) in Rahi Motel by GMVN in Haridwar, I was disappointed. So I upgraded to the next level

Sleep options along the Nanda Raj Jat route in Uttarakhand

The Nanda Raj Jat route does not offer many accommodation options. This limitation actually has a positive side. The route has not become a touristy destination. Serenity of the trail is therefore still preserved. Do

The shepherd’s wife cook dinner in her Sutol home in Garhwal Himalayas.

  On September 4, 2014, reluctance bruised expectations. Sutol was reluctant to spare a bed or a room for visitors because the Himalayan village was expecting the relatives who wanted to experience Nanda Raj Jat.