The Off: About Best Himalayan Adventures
(TO ABHA) Magazine
Volume 2, Issue 1 | May-June 2016

Nanda Raj Jat aka Roopkund Homkund Trek

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Adventure Travel Blog Magazine by TO ABHA. May-June 2016. Nanda Raj jat. Homkund and Roopkund Trek.
Adventure Travel Blog Magazine, May-June 2016, Volume 2, Issue 1

On the Front Cover

The front cover features an image of Nanda Devi from Kurad, Uttarakhand. Because this issue focuses on the Nanda Devi Raj Jat, a pilgrimage dedicated to Nanda Devi, the patron goddess of Uttarakhand. The Jat is in fact a special edition of Roopkund and Homkund trek meandering through the Indian Himalayas. This trekking trail is known for serene mountainous landscape that is considered as the home of the goddess. DYK that many pilgrims trek the entire Jat trail barefoot.

On the Back Cover

The back cover features a guide-cum-porter who accompanied one of the groups that participated in Nanda Raj Jat 2014. The sleeping pose, specially selected for the cover, symbolizes a well-deserved rest after a 22-day long hard trek.

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The drummers lead the women carrying offerings on their heads to the temple.

Missing Momentum of the First Day September 6, 2014 Saturday Poor presence of pilgrims produced emptiness that highlighted the lush landscape of Nauti and other aspects of the event. The sky was the same and

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SBI ATM in Nauti, Uttarakhand

You will neither need consent of the local government nor the season for Nanda Raj Jat. The barefoot pilgrimage happens when the local community decides considering auspicious dates. The government does not levy any fee

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