Can I get a decent room for INR 400 in Leh District during season?

You can rent an economy guesthouse room for INR 400 per night on single occupancy basis according to “Approved rate structure of hotels and guesthouses in Leh District for the year of 2013” published on Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh District’s official website.

If you travel in pairs, you can rent the room for just INR 250 per head (@INR 500 on double occupancy basis). Therefore traveling with your companion is cheaper.

If you travel with a friend or relative, you can even stay at a medium-class or an upper class guesthouse. A medium-class guesthouse charges INR 650 per night on double occupancy basis, so you pay INR 325 per head.

An upper-class guesthouse charges INR 800 per night on double occupancy basis. You thus pay INR 400 per head in the upper-class guesthouse.

However, you may have to share the washroom in an economy guesthouse and pay extra for heating.

A room in D-Class hotel is expensive on single occupancy basis: INR 600 per night. But, if you share the room with your travel partner, the tariff amounts to INR 350 per head (@ INR 700 per night on double occupancy basis).

To sum up, you have the following four choices:


No. of available choices in Leh District

Type of accommodation available @ INR 400 per night

Occupancy basis: single and double

1 Economy guesthouse
  • Single
  • Double
2 Medium-Class guesthouse Double
3 Upper-Class guesthouse Double
4 D-Class hotel Double


Here is a short list of accommodations within your budget:

  1. Leh Ling Guesthouse, Upper Karzoo Yourtung, Leh
  2. Tsetan Guesthouse, Upper Changspa, Leh
  3. Padam Guesthouse and hotel, Fort Road, Leh
  4. Oriental Guesthouse, Leh
  5. Lung Snon Guesthouse, Fort Road, Shenam, Leh

A room in Lehling Guesthouse as seen on the website



Lung Snon Guesthouse, Leh

A room in Lung Snon Guesthouse as seen on the website


Tsetan Guesthouse, Leh

A room in Tsetan Guesthouse (Leh) as seen on the website

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