Good Affordable Food at Bon Appetiti in Leh


Bon Appetiti Restaurant and French Bakery on Fort Road in Leh, Jammu and Kahsmir, India


The forty-seat eatery Bon Appetiti Restaurant and French Bakery, located in Raku Complex, Fort Road, Leh, welcomes both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  Minimal decorations comprise cheap photos of the Himalayan panoramas and basic chandeliers of natural fiber. One big food poster tries to hide damp part of one of the walls. Tables covered with tablecloths with a pattern of red and white checks and plastic red chairs are comfortable.  Both indoor and outdoor spaces welcome the guests from varied lands. 

The menu, a mix of a few items from different cuisines such as north and south Indian, Chinese, and local, offers value for money. The beverage section is probably richer than other sections. We sampled ginger lemon honey tea (INR 30 per glass) that did not have traditional tea leaves. 

During our first visit on September 23, 2013, we ordered steamed veg momo (INR 100 per plate). We loved the flexible momo recipe that allowed us to replace cabbage and onion with carrot, capsicum, cottage cheese, and onion. The nine pieces of momos filled with stuffing of our choice were paired with a bowl of veg soup and oily garlic chutney. All ingredients were fresh and both momo and soup were piping hot. Light and tasty momos were enough for a mini meal. 


Vegetable momos with soup from Bon Appetiti Restaurant and French Bakery in Leh


Thereafter we enjoyed food at Bon many times during our stay in Leh from September 18 to October 5, 2013.  

Small perfectly round and puffed up tava rotis (flat Indian bread) (INR 10 per piece) were tempting but were thick and were of super-refined flour which we did not like. Palak paneer (INR 90 per bowl), cottage cheese cubes cooked in paste of spinach and seasoned with Indian spices, was well done. The eatery charges five rupees extra for every liter of bottled water. You can buy the water from a grocery shop and take it to the eatery. 

We tried masala dosa (rice and lentil crepe with potato stuffing) (INR 80 per piece), plain dosa (rice and lentil crepe) (INR 60 per piece), and onion uttapam (rice and lentil pancake garnished with finely chopped onions and green chilies) (INR 70 per piece). The crepes and pancakes were good. The stuffing was fresh. However, accompanying coconut chutney was sour and left a bitter aftertaste. Each tiny bowl of the sambhar (spicy lentil and vegetable curry) had exactly four pieces of bottle gourd. 

Aloo gobhi sabji (shallow fried potatoes and cauliflower seasoned with Indian spices) (INR 80 per plate) were served in a full-plate. The sabji had loads of tomatoes, onions, and spices besides generous amount of fried pieces of potatoes and cauliflower florets. 

Twice we happily signed off our meals with hot soft gulab jamuns (INR 50 for two pieces). 


A peanut cookie from Bon Appetiti Restaurant and French Bakery in Leh, jammu and kashmir, india


The eatery also prepares fresh eggless and egg cookies to satiate guests with sweet tooth. We relished two eggless cookies: peanut (INR 30 per piece) and rich coconut cookies.


Our Verdict: 

We would again eat at Bon. 



  1. Planning to travel a lot this year. And Leh was a place I was eyeing.

    • Hello Rinzu,

      Good decision. Leh is good place for adventure lovers. IN 2014, a major Buddhist event (Kalachakra) would take place in Choglasmsar, about 20 minutes from Leh. We are going to publish more blog posts on Leh and a travel guide on Leh to help travelers in planning the trip.

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