3 FAQs about Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rules, 2017

Q. 1  Why did government define Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rules, 2017? The main reason to make the Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rules, 2017 is regulating all aspects of foot launch aero sports performed in the State. The rules covers the following aspects: Accreditation Defining charges, fees if…

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JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil: A Review

Twin bed room in JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil

JK Tourist Bungalow at Rangdum in Kargil promises a good night’s sleep but does not ensure comfort of an attached bathroom. The guests cannot expect a lavish meal but they can enjoy the unpolluted Suru River and nude ranges of the Himalayas. Some of these ranges wear snow caps that…

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Amenities at HRTC Bus Stand in Manali

Advance booking and enquiry counters at Manali Bus Stand

Manali has a small congested bus stand within easy walking distance of the Mall Road and HPTDC Beas Hotel. The stand surrounded by haphazardly constructed buildings offers only basic amenities during daytime. Let’s check what to expect from HRTC Bus Stand in Manali. Office Information counters at the bus stand…

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9 West Bengal Cities Organized Mountaineering Trips in 2016

9 Mountaineering expedition organizing cities of West Bengal

Only nine (9) cities scattered in six districts of West Bengal organized mountaineering trips in 2016. Among these cities, Kolkata accounted for the highest share (65.52% | 19). Asansol and Ishapore, accounting for equal number of the trips, 2 (6.90%) each, shared the second slot. Each of the remaining seven…

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6 West Bengal Districts that Organized Mountaineering Trips in 2016

6 Mountaineering expedition organizing districts of West Bengal

West Bengal organized fifty percent (50%) of total Indian mountaineering expeditions in 2016. All these originated from just six districts (26.09%) of the state. Even among these six districts the distribution of mountaineering trips was lopsided. For example, 65.52% (19) expeditions originated from Kolkata district and 13.79% (4) from North…

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West Bengal is Top Mountaineering Expedition Organizing Indian State

Top Indian Mountaineer States

Only 30% (9) of total Indian states (30) organized mountaineering expeditions in 2016.  West Bengal organized half (29) of total fifty-eight (58) expeditions. Maharashtra stood second (6 | 10.34%), followed by Uttarakhand (5 | 8.62%). Himachal Pradesh organized just two expeditions. Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Telangana…

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