Himachal Safety Standards for Bungee Jumping

In the previous lesson, you learnt about river crossing techniques and safety guidelines recommended by Himachal Pradesh.  Now, you will learn various bungee jumping provisions discussed in the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rule 12-iii, 2016. What is bungee? Bungee is a rubber cord that is stretchable. One end …

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7 Interesting Facts about Himalaya

If you are reading and viewing TO ABHA, you must be smitten by the Himalaya and may like to know more and more about it. Here are a few interesting facts about the range that you may not know or may have forgotten: Mountain with Multiple Citizenship The Himalaya is …

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Mandi to Chandigarh: Review of Ordinary HRTC Bus

Which type of beverages will I get along HRTC Mandi-Chandigarh bus route?

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The non-AC ordinary bus by HRTC connecting Mandi to Chandigarh is about 43% cheaper than the Himsutra bus. A seat in the ordinary bus costs just INR 293. The pocket friendly convenient bus starts at 06:30 am from Mandi Bus Sand. Online booking service is available for both the buses. …

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