6 West Bengal Districts that Organized Mountaineering Trips in 2016

6 Mountaineering expedition organizing districts of West Bengal

West Bengal organized fifty percent (50%) of total Indian mountaineering expeditions in 2016. All these originated from just six districts (26.09%) of the state. Even among these six districts the distribution of mountaineering trips was lopsided. For example, 65.52% (19) expeditions originated from Kolkata district and 13.79% (4) from North…

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West Bengal is Top Mountaineering Expedition Organizing Indian State

Top Indian Mountaineer States

Only 30% (9) of total Indian states (30) organized mountaineering expeditions in 2016.  West Bengal organized half (29) of total fifty-eight (58) expeditions. Maharashtra stood second (6 | 10.34%), followed by Uttarakhand (5 | 8.62%). Himachal Pradesh organized just two expeditions. Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Telangana…

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Who Led Indian Mountaineering Expeditions in 2016?

Leaders of Indian mountaineering expeditions

In 2016, both men and women led Indian mountaineering expeditions. However, men led more than 96% of the expeditions and women led less than 4%. Here is the infographic, Indian Mountaineering Expedition Leaders in 2016: A Gender Analysis, showing this very lopsided distribution of leadership roles between the genders:  …

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A Glimpse of Pragpur Pond: An Ancient Water System

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Pragpur is a home to prag (pollen) that colourful blossoms produce in spring, an ancient water system, and old beautiful buildings. The people of Pragpur still maintain the ancient water system, consisting of a pond and nakki. Let’s take a look at the Pragpur Pond of the medieval village located in Kangra Valley,…

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