Basgo Castle: A Key to Past

A Key to the Past:

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Today’s photo story takes you to Basgo Castle located on one of dun hills of Ladakh. Click any image to start the slideshow.

Should I visit Zorawar Fort in Leh? Browse and decide.

A virtual tour of the Zorawar Fort, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir, India

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Since one of the roads to Leh, Srinagar-Leh highway, has opened after a long winter, today we will take you to the Zorawar Fort in Leh.  After browsing through the photo story, you will be able to decide whether you want to stop at the fort or not.

A Day Hike to Ahju Fort, the Vantage Point

The Himalayan hamlets from the fort

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Adventure Travel Blog Magazine October 2015 Contents The Ahju Fort  complex, located in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, features a Bharat Sancher Nagar Limited’s (BSNL) tower, two temples, and the ruins. The complex offers lovely views of (1) the Himalayan hamlets, including Bir, billing, Badehr, and Suja; (2) twin paragliding sites, Bir …

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A photo tour of Nurpur Fort in Kangra

A guide to Nurpur Fort in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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Time and the elements have peeled off the outer skin of tall brick walls of the Nurpur Fort in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The walls do not support any roofs under which Raja Basu and his successors once lived luxurious lives. Raja Basu (1580-1613) laid the foundation of the fort and …

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Remains of Ancient Temple within Nurpur Fort in Kangra

Ancient temple in Noorpur Fort in Kangra

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This photo story takes you to the Nurpur Fort in Kangra. The fort has a high platform of an ancient temple. The platform is profusely decorated with different types of traditional motifs. The panels on the platform walls showcase stories from the life of Krishna, rows of Kirtimukhas (the Faces …

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A Brief Stop at Zorawar Fort in Ladakh

The historic landmark Zorawar Fort stands on a flat ground unlike the Ladakhi tradition of building forts on hillocks. The fort museum and ruins in Leh town narrate the story of General Zorwar Singh who is also known as the Napoleon of India.

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A day at Nurpur Fort

    On the 21st day of September 2012, it was a bright and beautiful morning when we reached Nurpur Fort in Nurpur (Noorpur) Town, (Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh, India) before nine. Young boys in fresh blue and white uniforms were awaiting the doors of knowledge to open, as …

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What to do and see in Nurpur

  Where to travel At the well-maintained Fort of Nurpur (Noorpur), you can picnic on verdant lawns, soak up the sun in winter, do sketching and photography, explore geography of Kangra District and enjoy a chapter from the history. Or, just watch the world go by in the popular hangout …

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Half day at Kotla Fort

Where to travel Covert cultural capital is locked within every falling fort in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India. One of these falling forts, Kotla Fort on the State Highway (SH) 154, features many tales to be told for cultural and historical reasons. Go there and try to read some of …

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