DreamCatcher to Dream Spoiler: Average to No Service

Lunch served at Nandakesari by DreamCatcher Adventure

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents Many doubts rose in my mind about his abilities and intentions to honor the contract when I spoke to Yogendra Joshi (YJ) for the first time in his office on August 15, 2014. YJ actually inadvertently confirmed the doubts in Nauti on August…

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Three things I love about Leh

Folk dancers before Ladakh Festival 2013 in Leh

Leh is doing the same. Leh is maintaining existing and creating new heritage attractions for tourists, travelers, and future generations. Many of these attractions are hidden in slim lanes and by lanes and / or crowning the steep rocky slopes. So, you and I can explore them on foot only, an age old way of doing and seeing the things.

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Flip Side of Nanda Raj Jat 2014

Nanda Raj Jat Schedule

Therefore, pilgrims had to trek about five kilometers extra to reach Lata Khopadi, the designated camping site for the day. The pilgrims trekked about 21 kilometers from Shila Samudra (3,645 meters) to Homkund (5,200 meters) to Chandniyaghat (3,635 meters) (about 16 kilometers) to Lata Khopadi on the day.

Ironically, Lata Khopadi, a small camping site, was not mentioned anywhere in the brochure.

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So-so Food at Moon Land Restaurant

Moon Land Restaurant in Leh serves okay food in a well-lit space. A meal at least costs INR 250 for two people. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant at Fort Road closes during autumn and winter.

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Good or Bad: Pangong Hotel

We stayed at Pangong Hotel in Leh during September 18-October 6, 2013 as we got a good deal. Our experience was so-so. We would not book the hotel again because Leh offers several other accommodation choices. We would try something different.

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Good Affordable Food at Bon Appetiti in Leh

Bon Appetiti Restaurant and French Bakery is a budget-friendly eatery on Fort Road in Leh town. The eatery dishes out vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. We have eaten here many times and observed that all locals, tourists, and travelers enjoy the meals and snacks.

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The Infant Driver from Leh

Bikers love Leh. And we spotted “the future biker,” a young kid in a big private vehicle parked near District Library, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir on September 25, 2013. He was alone. The vehicle was probably locked. But the kid was happy and busy practicing “stationary” driving.

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Thiksey Monastery Restaurant Food

In Indian terms, Thiksey Monastery Restaurant, a mid-end eatery, quenches thirst, satiates appetite, and replenishes energy. Both set and a la carte meal options are available. A veg thali, a set meal, costs INR 150 per person. Plain rice costs INR 50 per plate. Service charge (10%) is extra…

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