GMVN Rahi Motel (Haridwar) Room in Disrepair

Room No 101 in GMVN Rahi Motel, Haridwar

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents On September 8, 2014, when I checked in previously booked economy room (INR 660 per person, per night) in Rahi Motel by GMVN in Haridwar, I was disappointed. So I upgraded to the next level of room by paying INR 521 more. Room …

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DreamCatcher to Dream Spoiler: Average to No Service

Lunch served at Nandakesari by DreamCatcher Adventure

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents Many doubts rose in my mind about his abilities and intentions to honor the contract when I spoke to Yogendra Joshi (YJ) for the first time in his office on August 15, 2014. YJ actually inadvertently confirmed the doubts in Nauti on August …

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Hotel Welcome & a Dhaba in Chamba: Okay Budget Options

Hotel Welcome, Chamba

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents On August 16, 2014, I spent a night in Hotel Welcome (Chamba), located on Mussoorie-Dhanolty-Chamba road, and ate meals at a nearby dhaba. Although both were busy, quality standards were non-existent. Here are more details: Hotel Welcome I walked in Hotel Welcome around …

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Stay at Shepherd’s in Sutol

The shepherd’s wife cook dinner in her Sutol home in Garhwal Himalayas.

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents   On September 4, 2014, reluctance bruised expectations. Sutol was reluctant to spare a bed or a room for visitors because the Himalayan village was expecting the relatives who wanted to experience Nanda Raj Jat. My expectations of getting a bed for a …

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Dull dinners at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thiksay

I had dinner at this well-maintained restaurant twice in July 2014. The food was fresh and clean. But the taste was just okay. The vegetables I ordered had small or large amount of cottage cheese, which was boring. This cheese obsession is common in India. I have observed that the …

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Three things I love about Leh

Folk dancers before Ladakh Festival 2013 in Leh

Leh is doing the same. Leh is maintaining existing and creating new heritage attractions for tourists, travelers, and future generations. Many of these attractions are hidden in slim lanes and by lanes and / or crowning the steep rocky slopes. So, you and I can explore them on foot only, an age old way of doing and seeing the things.

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