A Short Walk to Anjani Mahadev from Solang

Reasons to walk Anjani trail

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A shrine that does not accept physical and monetary offerings from the visitors is unusually clean, but not calm. Because the visitors come to Anjani Mahadev on foot, horses, or modern polluting Powersports 4-wheelers even during autumn when it’s partly brown and partly green. Some thrill seekers, especially snow lovers, …

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Trek to Maldaru Lake, A Wetland in Uttarakhand

The trail sits in lush ambience consisting of meadows and forests that cannot survive without the touch of icy streams that are tricky to cross. But not all. Some of the stream sections are spanned with bridges.  The meadows spray wild flower fragrance on the trail. The ridges afford views …

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A Day Hike to Ahju Fort, the Vantage Point

The Himalayan hamlets from the fort

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Adventure Travel Blog Magazine October 2015 Contents The Ahju Fort  complex, located in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, features a Bharat Sancher Nagar Limited’s (BSNL) tower, two temples, and the ruins. The complex offers lovely views of (1) the Himalayan hamlets, including Bir, billing, Badehr, and Suja; (2) twin paragliding sites, Bir …

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A Race to Bedni on Long Weekend

Bedni is the last destination for short annual Nanda Raj Jat that starts from Kurad in August. The meadow dresses up in a virgin white dress during winter. The bugyal is also one of the main stopovers of long Nanda Raj Jat that takes place once in twelve years.

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2 Questions about Sham Trek: Cost and Guide

If you do not like to drink the tap water that locals drink, do budget for bottled water which is costly, especially in remote areas. For example, a water bottle that normally costs INR 20 (Khayul) or INR 25 (Kinley) depending on brand would cost INR 40 in remote areas. Or you may not get bottled water at all.

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Simple Short Sham Trek

Are you looking for an easy and a short hike in Leh? Sham Trek is one of the best options. You can do this trek in four days. Highlights of the trek include Ladakhi villages, barren dun mountains, apricot orchards, and chances of spotting ibex, urial, and / or wild deer.

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