12 Photography Tips for Nanda Raj Jat

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents Take a look at some of useful photography tips for Nanda Raj Jat. A dozen tips are divided into 4 sections: equipment, weather, shooting spot, and fitness. Photography Equipment Carry enough number of fully charged camera batteries and / or the camera compatible…

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Flip Side of Nanda Raj Jat 2014

Nanda Raj Jat Schedule

Therefore, pilgrims had to trek about five kilometers extra to reach Lata Khopadi, the designated camping site for the day. The pilgrims trekked about 21 kilometers from Shila Samudra (3,645 meters) to Homkund (5,200 meters) to Chandniyaghat (3,635 meters) (about 16 kilometers) to Lata Khopadi on the day.

Ironically, Lata Khopadi, a small camping site, was not mentioned anywhere in the brochure.

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A Race to Bedni on Long Weekend

Bedni is the last destination for short annual Nanda Raj Jat that starts from Kurad in August. The meadow dresses up in a virgin white dress during winter. The bugyal is also one of the main stopovers of long Nanda Raj Jat that takes place once in twelve years.

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Beware of Rumors during Nanda Raj Jat

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine May-June 2016 Contents During Nanda Raj Jat 2014, I heard a number of rumors that I would like to share with you:  About Gender of Yatris (Pilgrims) Women under fifty (50) would not be allowed to join the yatra (pilgrimage) beyond Vedni bugyal (meadow). Then, people…

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Wintry delights of Munsyari

  Where to travel The wintry delights of Munsyari embrace skiing, Johar culture and the Himalayan vistas. Unfrequented ski slopes at Betuli Dhar and Khulia Top await spunky travelers like you at Munsyari that is tucked away in the Kumaon Himalaya in Uttrakhand, India. To cash in on these delights,…

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Discover Dayara

Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand

Where to travel  Dayara Bugyal is about ten kilometers from the trailhead Barsu in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand. A bugyal means an alpine pasture stretching between the snowline and tree line (3,600 meters to 2,727 meters) in local language. You can explore flora of the meadow in summer, participate in the Butter…

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Trek to Mussoorie

People from nearby towns and big cities rush to Mussoorie (Dehradun District, Uttarakhand) in both private and public vehicles on weekends and /or in holidays, creating a traffic chaos. To escape this, you can even walk up to Mussoorie and enjoy the nature and a glimpse of theDoon valley. The…

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