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Steamed sidu

February 4, 2013

Sidu: traditional steamed bread from Kullu, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh


The tradition of making sidu (siddu / khobli), steamed bread, is limited to Kullu and Shimla districts, Himachal Pradesh. The piping hot bread is served with desi (pure) ghee and apple chutney or coriander, green chili, mint, onion and tomato chutney. The stuffing made from garlic, spices, walnuts, poppy seeds and / or kali dal (black gram) enhances taste of the soft spongy bread.

You can mainly savor sidu in special fairs, like Kullu Dussehra Fair (Sep-Oct). The dish is rarely find place in the menu of the restaurants. If it is in the menu, you may not get it unless you place the order well in advance. Make a note of October 14, 2013, when Kullu Duesshra Fair will begin, in your diary. Sample khobli in the fair.



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