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 Buy Gulmarg Gondola tickets and ski passes online

You can purchase gondola tickets and ski passes online for a Gulmarg skiing trip. Jammu and Kashmir State Cable Car Corporation Ltd. (JKSCCC) offers the e-ticketing service.

Remember the following while purchasing the passes and tickets online:

  • You can purchase slot wise tickets for the gondola. Each slot is one hour long.


  • The e-tickets are available for Gulmarg-Kungdoori (Phase I), Kungdoori-Apparwah (Phase II) and Kungdoori-Mary Shoulder (Phase III).


  • Do not forget to collect the boarding pass from Special Online Boarding Counter at gondola block in Gulmarg. It should be collected fifteen minutes before boarding the gondola.


  • The boarding pass is valid for three hours subject to other conditions.


  • Premium tickets that give instant access to gondola are also available. However, the tickets are subject to availability.


  • The price of a gondola ticket varies from INR 300 to 500 per adult.


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  • Children below three year are not allowed to ride the chair lift connecting Kungdoori to Mary Shoulder.


  • Children below three year can use the gondola for phases I and II free-of-charge.


  • The corporation offers three types of skiing passes: for Indians, for foreign nationals and guide.


  • The price of the ski passes for both Indian and foreign skiers ranges from INR 150 to INR 35,000. However, there are some variations in pricing. For example, the price of one-day-ski-pass for Gulmarg-Kungdoori amounts to INR 450 for an Indian and INR 700 for a foreign skier.


  • Weekly  and monthly guide passes cost INR 400 and INR 2000 respectively for Gulmarg-Kungdoori.


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