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Pricewatch, get back money if flight ticket price falls- from Cleartrip

Weekly round-up of digital travel and tourism news for February 11-17, 2013 

February 11, 2013

Oktogo, the Russian online travel company, topped the list of ten most innovative and successful Russian companies in 2013. Read the complete list.

February 12, 2013 

Travelers click special offer ads on the websites 

Recently The Space Station surveyed readers of GoTravel24 and News24/Travel to understand online travel revolution. The key findings of the survey follow:

  • More than 90% of the respondents used internet to gather travel information.
  • The travelers prefer online booking to traditional travel booking methods.
  • More than 50% respondents like to participate in online travel competitions.
  • Over 95% readers of travel websites click the ads for special offers. For more information, read the full travel article.

Cleartrip launches Pricewatch 

Cleartrip launched Pricewatch. The new online tool refunds the money when air fares fall. The tool currently works on international fares only. When you complete flight ticket booking process on Cleartrip, the tool comes into action and monitors the fare for the ticket booked. If the ticket price falls before the departure date, the tool would re-price the ticket subject to other conditions. Get more information about Pricewatch. 

February 13, 2013

Gadling launches @GadlingTravel on Instagram

Gadling launched @GadlingTravel on Instagram for real-time travel experience. The company created a hastag #ontheroad for the Instagram feed which would be updated by a different member of the team every month. You can upload mobile photos via Instagram to participate in Photo of the Day. Use hastag #gadling and @GadlingTravel.

Asian market offers opportunities for online travel companies

Mitchell, Jake. February 2013. Online travel sites set to take off. Financial Review

The author states that brick-and-mortar retail business is going through a bad phase. However, travel sector still draws customers. Therefore, investments in online travel websites, especially which are focusing on the Asian market and hotels would be profitable.  Read the complete article. 


(The article continues after the advertisement…)



February 15, 2013 

Need to regulate Indonesian online tourism business

Atmodjo, Wasti. February 2013. Online travel business needs strict regulation. The Jakata Post, Bali Daily.

Indonesia realizes that unregulated growth of the online travel and tourism business requires a law. Otherwise, the country may not earn benefit from the technology-based business. The recent debate “Dot Come Versus Travel Agents” highlighted that the online businesses are mainly operated by foreigners who neither follow the existing laws nor pay any taxes. Read the complete story. 

February 17, 2013 

Internet Brand and Wikimedia to settle litigation over Wikivoyage

Internet Brand and The Wikimedia Foundation decided to settle litigation over Wikivoyage, a new free editable travel information website that offers user-generated content. Most of the content of the new website is sourced from Wikitravel as per the Creative Commons License.

In 2006, Internet Brand acquired non-profit website Wikitravel. The volunteers of Wikitravel left the website and took away the content. Internet Brand filed a lawsuit in August 2012 against two of the volunteers to encourage the other volunteers to use open-source code from the existing project to start a new independent project. The Foundation filed lawsuit to protect the volunteers in September 2012.


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