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McLeodganj-Triund Trek, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

(Note: 1 — to Dharamkot; 2 – to Triund; 3 – to Dal Lake)


Where to travel 

About 20-kilometer McLeodganj-Triund-McLeodganj hike in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh (India) takes you closer to the snow line and atypical Himalayan landscape. The most interesting thing is that you can walk the well-marked trail without the help of a professional guide.

Who will enjoy this short adventure trip idea? 

Travelers looking for short soft to medium adventure holiday options

What to do & see 

Seasoned hikers can complete the hike in just one day. However, we suggest that do the hike in two days:

Day 1: McLeodganj (1,750 meters) – Dharamkot (2,100 meters) - Triund (2,850 meters) 

A well-marked wide trail winds through pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron forests. Start early in the morning, as you may spot beautiful birds.

McLeodganj — Dharamkot: On this leg of the hike, you have two choices: (1) Walk along the road. Or (2) Take the trail cutting through the deodar forest. The trail starts near the Mountaineering Institute.

Dharmkot  — Triund: This part of the trail runs through the forest. The last stretch of about quarter a kilometer featuring several switchbacks is demanding.

Camp at Triund, a ridge rising from the Dhauladhar Range. The ridge lends itself to the views of Aurthur Seat, Mun (4,610 meters), Riflehorn, and Slab (4,570 meters) peaks.

Tip: The trail forks much before the first kilometer. The right side trail goes to Triund, whereas the left goes to Dal Lake.

Day 2: Triund (2,850 meters) – Dharamkot (2,100 meters) – McLeodganj (1,750 meters) 

Follow the same route to return.


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When to go 

Hiking: May (some snow)-June, End of August-October

Skiing: winter

How to reach 


Nearest airport: Gaggal Airport, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh.

Currently, there are no flights to the airport from any part of the country.


Delhi-Dharamsala: about 505 kilometers

You can book bus tickets online:

Himachal Road Transport Corporation

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

Red Bus

Travel Yaari 


You can stay in (1) government rest houses and hotels, or (2) private hotels located in Dharamsala, McLeodganj and / or Dharamkot.

Government rest houses 

 Himachal Pradesh (H. P.) Forest rest house at Triund

H. P. Public Works Department (P.W.D.) rest house in Dharamshala (Kotwali Bazaar) 

Camping in Triund 

Carry complete camping gear if you wish to camp in Triund.

Hotels in Dharamkot 

Dev Cottage (From INR 1,500 per day)

Gagan Resorts (From INR 1,485 per day)

Gandhi’s Paradise (From 2,500 per day)

Hotel Eagles Nest (From INR 5,000 per day)

New Blue Heaven (From INR 880 per day)

Hotels in Mcleodganj 

Bhagsu (From INR 1,300 per night)

Bella Heights (From INR 3,700 per night)

Club House (From INR 1,700 per night; INR 150 per night, per bed in dormitory)

Misty Woods (From INR 900 per night)

Sahiwa (From INR 1,500 per night)

Hotels in Dharamsala 

Hotel Centre Point (from INR 2,800 per night)

The Dhauladhar (From INR 1,800 per night)

GK Conifer (From INR 3,499 per night)

The Kashmir House (From INR 1,400 per night)

The Kunal (From INR 1,000 per night)



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  • admin says:

    Hello Aleksandra,

    Thanks for useful update on Triund.


  • Aleksandra says:

    While you did foribd seasoned trekkers to keep smart comments to themselves, I could not resist. Triund was lovely when I first went there in 2003. Since then, the crowd and plastic waste has increased. There is news that the government has auctioned the entire camping ground along with the rest house for 5 years to a private operator and we are in for a commercializing drive. To me, Triund is all but over as a destination. However, there are lots of other trekking destinations in the Dhauladhars, not so far away, between 3-8 days treks which still leave you breathless and speechless. Here’s hoping they stay that way.

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