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Googling for information is second nature to many writers, but very few of them know about the search engines that search data, statistics, and related facts only. Since statistics adds credibility to an idea and topic of a non-fiction write-up, they can use statistics search engines such as Wolfram Alpha, Statistic Brain, and Statista for finding additional and interesting details about the topic.

Wolfram Alpha

The search engine displays statistics and interesting topic related facts.

For example, search for “How many people visited India in 2012.” The engine displays (1) total annual visitors to the country by transportation used and visit purpose, and (2) percentage share of each category in the total. The engine shows estimates for 2006, as data for 2012 is unavailable. You can also browse data in chart form. You may subscribe to Pro version of the engine to download and customize the chart.


Wolfram Alpha, a search engine for statistics and facts


Try another example. Search for “Tourism.” The engine reveals statistics for Tourism, a music album of Roxette. The search result includes release date, runtime, track list, and runtime of each song. Try to relate the music album to the article’s topic, tourism, for a new perspective. Search now.


Wolfram Alpha, a search engine for finding topic related facts


Statistic Brain

Search for “Tourism” again. The engine offers different type of topic-related data. For example, (1) “Industries That Spend The Most on Google Advertising” data set shows ad spending of Travel & Tourism industry ($2.4 billion).

(2) “Tourism Statistics” data set offers a list of World’s Top Tourist Destinations, based on number of annual visitors. Start your search for useful numbers.


Statistic Brain, a search engine for searching topic-related data


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Search for “Tourism” once more. You will find that the engine delivers more apt data than the above two engines. The results display tourism revenue, number of tourist arrivals, and a list of topic-related studies and reports.


 Statista, a statistics search engine for writers, businesses


You can sort the results on the basis of relevance, popularity, region, structure, pricing, topic category, and date of publication. Check “Free” under pricing filter to view the data without spending any money. For instance, “Direct and total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy from 2006 to 2013” is a free data set. The set includes a colorful bar chart. The engine offers HTML code to embed the chart as a JPG file.


Statista, a specialized search engine for finding topic-related data


You can sign in for a free basic account to access 10% of the statistics database. If you want full access to the database and advance features, pay for premium version of Statista.


Make the most of three specialized search engines and find several interesting facts and unique slant for the articles, increasing your earning.

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