Indian Mountaineering Product Analysis: Top 25 Peaks during 2010-14

11 Popular Peak Groups


Out of 15 peak groups attempted eleven (11| 73.33%) peak groups satisfy our definition of popular peak. More than 91% (110) of total attempts (120) were made on these eleven groups.


The most popular peak group was Chandra Bhaga (CB) (HP). Six peaks of Chandra Bhaga recorded the highest number of attempts (24).


The second popular peak group was Bhagirathi (UK). This 2-peak group registered the second highest number of attempts (17).


11 Popular Peak Groups during 2010-14


Climbers attempted highest number of peak groups in JK (6), followed by HP (5), and UK (4).


Interestingly, number of peaks attempted from a peak group did not have a direct impact on the total number of attempts made on the peaks of the group. For example, two (2) peaks were attempted from Bhagirathi group seventeen (17) times, whereas four (4) peaks were attempted from Koa Rong Range (KR) group fourteen (14) times.


Peak Groups Attempted during 2010-14: Total Attempts vs. Peaks Attempted per Group


Number of Peaks Attempted

Indian climbers attempted 1.5 times more peaks than their foreign counter parts. There was one joint attempt by foreign and Indian climbers.

Number of Peaks Attempted by All Mountaineers during 2010-14

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