Indian Mountaineering Product Analysis: Top 25 Peaks during 2010-14

Average Climbing Frequency

Average climbing frequency for the Indian Himalayas was 2.62 attempts per peak during the 5-year study period.

The averages for HP (2.89) and UK (2.69) were higher than the national average. The average for Sikkim was the lowest at 1.67.


Indian Himalayas: Average Climbing Frequency during 2010-14


Named vs. Unnamed Peaks

Out of total 212 peaks, 149 have been christened. The remaining are unnamed.


Mountaineering in Indian Himalayas during 2010-14: Named vs. Unnamed Peaks


Altitude vs. Climbing Frequency of Top 25 Peaks

The graph of climbing frequency superimposed on peak altitude bargraph resembles a complicated ECG report. The frequency graph is full of high peaks and deep valleys and a small plateau.

Higher altitude does not thus imply higher number of attempts.



4 Indian Himalayan States: Altitude vs. Climbing Frequency of 25 Peaks Attempted 5 or More Times during 2010-14

Number of Attempts

Most of the peaks (137 | 64.62%) were attempted just once during the study period.

Thirty-one (31 | 14.62%) peaks recorded two attempts each.

Eleven (11 | 5.18%) peaks registered four attempts each.


Peaks Attempted in 4 Himalayan States during 2010-14: Concentration of Climbing Activity


Number of Attempts vs. Number of Peaks

Top twenty-five (25) peaks recorded more than half (286 | 51.71%) of the total attempts made on 212 peaks.

Distribution of Climbing Activity on Peaks Attempted during 2010-14

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