Provisions for Monitoring, Evaluating, Improving, Upgrading Home Stay Services in Sikkim

The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules, 2013 lays down various provisions to evaluate and enhance home stay services in the State. The provisions are discussed in three rules: 13, 18, and 19. Continuous Process of Monitoring and Evaluating Home Stays (Rule 13) The Rule 13 lays down provisions for monitoring and evaluating the home stay units regularly.  The provisions are: Form an independent panel to monitor and evaluate

Reasons to Blacklist, Cancel, Refuse, Remove Sikkim Home Stay Unit

The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules 9, 10, 11, and 12 have provisions for blacklisting, canceling, rejecting, and removing the name of a Sikkim home stay owner from the official register. Read on to understand these four Sikkim home stay rules. 3 Reasons to Cancel, Refuse Registration of Home Stay (Rule 9) The Rule 9 discusses reasons for cancelling or rejecting a home stay registration application. The prescribed

Sikkim Home Stay Rules: 2 Responsibilities of Prescribed Authority

The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules (2013) details responsibilities of the Prescribed Authority. Here are two responsibilities: 1. Application Acknowledgement (Rule 7) The authority shall acknowledge the receipt of the home stay registration application and the registration fee. The acknowledgement shall specify the date of receiving the application and the fee received. 2. Registration Certification (Rule 8) The authority shall issue the Certificate of Registration to the applicant

Sikkim Home Stay Registration Application

The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rule 4 summarizes home stay registration application process and answers the related questions. Q1: Who can apply for registration? (Rule 4.1) A: A private house owner having all required documents that confirm ownership of the house/land situated within rural areas of Sikkim. Q2: How to apply for registration? (Rule 4.1) A: Fill the prescribed application form published in the Annexure 1 of the

Checklist for registering home stay in Himachal

Besides a duly filled in registration application form for registering a home stay in Himachal Pradesh, you also need the following documents (Annexure II): Report of inspection done by the concerned district tourism development officer (DTDO) or any other officer of the tourism department Revenue documents An affidavit by the unit owner on guidelines discussed in the Clause 8 of the Scheme, 2008 Registration fee = INR 100 Or Registration