Types and Causes of Paragliding Injuries and Prevention

Accidents occur during paragliding. This is a fact. However, the causes are mainly manmade. For example, inadequate training, poor techniques, ignoring weather conditions… The accidents can injure head, spine, pelvic, and lower and upper limbs. Injuries to lower limbs (ankles, legs, pelvic area) and spines are the most common. During landing, pilots get maximum injuries mainly because of mistakes made by them. Don’t be scared. I am writing about injuries

Know 11 Rules That Will Increase Joys of Air Adventures

Indian authorities have taken some initiatives to enhance safety during air adventure holidays. For example, central government laid down basic minimum standards for paragliding and the state government defined The Himachal Pradesh Aero Sports Rules, 2004. Now it is the turn of the participants and the operators to follow these rules to maximize the joys of the adventure. Here are 11 rules that each participant shall also follow: 1.      Hire

Know and Follow Basic Minimum Standards for Pleasant Paragliding Trips

Although trend of paragliding adventures gained momentum in India very late as compared to European countries, the country earned the contract to host Paragliding World Cup 2015. The activity is no more limited to hills and mountains. Even plains are inviting attention of paragliders. So the activity rule book is in making. One of the chapters define Basic Minimum Standards (BMS). This paragliding season, remember and follow the BMS. So

Paragliding in Billing, Indian Himalayas

Today we will take you to Billing, the paragliding site in Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh. During Autumn, the skies of Billing are dotted with colorful canopies. Check yourself.      

Paragliding in Bir, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh in India

Flying like birds in the blue crisp skies of Bir during autumn is an exhilarating experience. Harvesting the golden yellow crops is a joy that will provide enough fuel during the snowy winter… Today’s photo story presents some beautiful moments from the paragliding season 2012. Browse now!  

Bir and Billing in Autumn: A Guide for Adventure Travel Activities in Himachal Pradesh, India

Download Travel Guide (PDF 1,230 KB) format… Bir neither has major banks nor any automated teller machines (ATM) for instant cash. However, Kangra Co-operative Bank has a branch in Upper Bir and Tibetan Colony, Lower Bir. A branch of HP Gramin Bank (P.N.B.) is in Upper Bir. Punjab National Bank (P.N.B.) and State Bank of India (S.B.I.) have one automated teller machine (ATM) each on national highway (NH) 21 between


Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Why is Billing one of the best paragliding sites? After the southwest monsoon that drenches the region during June-September, tropical anti-cyclonic conditions continue for a number of weeks in autumn (October – November), making paragliding possible on all days. The region features good thermals and light winds. The Dhauladhar overlooks the plains offering several safe landing spots. Paragliding over Bir-Billing unfolds a