A Note to Readers: Don’t Be a Militant. Be a Mountaineer.

Because both professions have a common characteristic quality: Hard Risky Action. However, the former leads to Guilt, Shame, and Jail. The latter leads to Contentment, (some) Fame, and Home.  And I am sure nobody likes the three red adjectives. Almost everyone dreams about the three green adjectives. Unemployment is usually cited as the principal cause of militancy, terrorism, and other misanthropic activities. On this front, mountaineering scores one more point

TO ABHA Magazine | Volume 1, Issue 1 | October 2015

Dear Readers, This month I will show you Bir and Billing, the world famous paragliding sites located in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Why?  Because of patriotic and personal reasons and available hard and soft adventure travel options: India will host its maiden Paragliding World Cup in the last week of October. These lovely destinations are still clean and uncrowded. And I like unfrequented mountain spots which are not visually polluted. 3