Do you love the Himalayas and motor sports?

Raid De Himalaya 2011: Entry Fees

Where to travel

If yes, the 13th Raid de Himalaya, the motor sports’ rally on the loftiest ground in the world, is a perfect adventure for you. Both bikers and four-wheel drivers can participate in the raid covering approximately 2,000 kilometers in six legs.  The rally starting from Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) will cover Manali, Dalhousie and Chach Galu Pass in Himachal Pradesh, and Srinagar, Rangdum, Padum,Chatergala Pass and Sinthan  Pass in Jammu & Kashmir.

What to do & see 

You will drive through rugged terrain of theHimalaya. Panoramic views of gorgeous snow-covered mountains beckons dare devils. You can choose from two versions of the raid pursuant to your skill level and taste. 

Adventure Trial is for the first time rally drivers. You need a SUV or standard car for the trial. There are two types of entry fees: non-sponsored and sponsored. Both are further divided into four categories: Early, Standard, Late and Very Late. Pay early to save substantially on the entry fee. Early non-sponsored entry fee for Adventure Trial is INR 48,000.00, whereas early sponsored entry fee amounts to INR 96,000.00. The application process for the raid starts in April.

X-treme is for hardcore adventurers. You will need 4*4 or moto-quad for this version of the rally. This version has six sections: Cliffhanger,Marathon, Sprint, Spaghetti, Endurance and Nirvana. Early non-sponsored entry fee is INR 12,000.00 for Moto X-treme and INR 6,000.00 for Moto Alpine. Early sponsored entry fee is double of this.

When to go

This 9-day event starts fromOctober 9, 2011at Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,India. Entry to the raid is closed. However, you can follow up, support your favorite drivers and start preparing for the next year’s rally.

Special Tips

All the versions of the raid require extreme fitness and excellent driving skills, because you will be driving on rough roads, riverbeds and gravel at the altitude up to 6,000 meters. Thin air and extreme cold conditions at this altitude compound the challenges. It is an expensive hobby too. So, save for it well in advance. Visit  formore information about the Himalayan motor sports.