Getting around Bir, Billing, and Neighboring Villages

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On Foot

Walking is the best option to explore Bir and the neighborhood. Most of the attractions mentioned in the guide can be accessed on foot. You can walk along the roads or take shorter trails. Do remember, if planning to walk the trail, you may need a guide unless you are familiar with the area or an expert map reader.

Within Bir, walking during daytime is easier. But in the night, walking is difficult as there are hardly any street lights. You should carry a torch.

Within Billing, walking, mules, and / or horses are the options. For horses and mules, talk to the staff at Tourism Information Center and / or guest houses where you stay in Upper Bir and / or Lower Bir in advance. Alternatively, speak to local people and travel agents to get a horse or mule.


Public and private buses ply within Bir and neighboring villages. The fare is nominal. Some bus conductors may issue a ticket in exchange of the cash, others do not. However, the bus service is limited and no buses ply between Bir and Billing.

Bus stops in Bir

You can board the buses from Chaugan Chowk and bus stand in Upper Bir.


Taxis are easily available in Tibetan Colony, Lower Bir but are expensive in the Indian terms. Minimum taxi fare is INR 50/- (As of October 2012) for 1-3 passengers. For nearby attractions, taxi agencies charge on point-to-point basis. The tariff varies with the type of vehicle and number of passengers.

Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center, set up in August 2012, is located at the beginning of Bir-Billing road in Upper Bir.