How to win cash while cycling in Spiti Himalayas


Mountain Biking (MTB) Himalaya Spiti 2013: the Trans-Himalayan Challenge, Himachal Pradesh


Do you want to win some cash while exploring the Spiti Himalayas on a bicycle?


Then you should participate in Mountain Biking (MTB) Himalaya Spiti 2013: the Trans-Himalayan Challenge.

Why MTB Himalaya Spiti 2013 is unique? 

The 10-day adventure, scheduled for July 13-24, is unique in several ways. Age, gender, nationality and cycling skills are not a limiting factor for the participants. Both cycling enthusiasts and professionals who are 18 years and above can participate to explore a distinct Himalayan region in Himachal Pradesh. The 550-km-long route is dotted with obstacles and unique attractions, such as

  • Chandratal (about 4,270 meters / 14,091 feet), a high altitude lake,
  • KunzumPass( about 4,550 meters / 15,015 feet), and
  • Key, Tabo and other ancient Buddhist monasteries.

Who is organizing the event?

The Challenge, a joint venture of Himachal Tourism and Himalayan Adventure Sports & Tourism Promotion Association (H.A.S.T.P.A.), is the first cycling event of its kind in Spiti.


Who can participate? 

You can choose from four contestant categories:

  1. Open Masters Solo (age 40 and above)
  2. Open Women Solo
  3. Open Men Solo
  4. A team of two cyclists

What is the challenge fee? 

MTB Himalaya Spiti 2013, one of the toughest cycling challenges, is expensive too. The fee ranges from INR 49,900 to INR 160,000 for the Indian contestants, whereas varies from US$ 1,444 to 2,888 for foreign passport holders. The fee includes accommodation, all meals, snacks, first aid, limited medical assistance, limited bicycle service and some transport.

What is the prize money? 

Although total prize money (INR 200,000) is small, yet challenge offers an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Registration ( for the 60-participant Himalayan race closes on June 30, 2013. Hurry up!




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