Kangra trip planning experiences and tips (Part VII): Accommodation in Dharamshala

This is the seventh post in the 10-blog-post series focusing on helpful resources used for planning the Kangra trip starting from Chandigarh and problems we faced during the process. The series was started on Monday August 27, 2012.


Since Dharamshala is a touristy place, finding accommodation was not difficult. We had lots of choices. We opted for Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (H.P.T.D.C.) hotel because the hotels are always in prime location and the affordable rooms are airy, bright and spacious. Now-a-days, you can book these hotels online from anywhere. We booked The Dhauldhar located in Kotawali Bazaar online and got confirmation within minutes.

Our verdict 

You can try H.P.T.D.C. hotels. But do read the terms and conditions as cancellation can be done via email only.

If you want to stay in private hotels, visit any of the leading online travel booking websites.

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