What Do Kids Do in Heritage Village of Garli, Kangra?

Kids in the heritage village of Garli enjoy their time in an English medium school. However, the school is housed in a simple traditional building. A traditional chat shop is not very far. The vendor has a cart also. So the vendor can sell anytime anywhere. Let’s take a look at the school located in Kangra District, famous for its twin paragliding sites, Bir and Billing, and the vendor:


Heritage village of Garli, Himachal Pradesh
August 29, 2012. English Medium Minerva Senior Secondary School in Garli, a heritage village in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh


Heritage village of Garli, Kangra
August 29, 2012. Recess at the school


Eat traditional chats in Garli, India
September 1, 2012. A traditional chat cart in Garli