Mandi to Chandigarh: Review of Ordinary HRTC Bus

The non-AC ordinary bus by HRTC connecting Mandi to Chandigarh is about 43% cheaper than the Himsutra bus. A seat in the ordinary bus costs just INR 293. The pocket friendly convenient bus starts at 06:30 am from Mandi Bus Sand. Online booking service is available for both the buses. Here are details of the in-bus amenities and services and the pictures.

Dimensions of Luggage Space

The seats are almost one feet high. The luggage rack running along the bus ceiling is narrow and shallow. So while packing, keep these dimensions in mind because you cannot keep the luggage in the aisle. You have to put big luggage on the roof of the bus and tie the luggage to short railing running around the bus roof. Bring a water proof cover if you intend to store luggage on the top of the bus during rainy season.

Seat Arrangement

The ordinary bus has 2*3 layout. So it is less spacious than the 2*2 Volvo Himsutra AC bus linking Chandigarh to Mandi and vice-versa.

Pre-decided Halt Points along Longer Bus Routes

Generally the bus stops for about half hour for lunch and for shorter duration for breakfast and tea.

Mongasahib, near Kirtpur, is the official breakfast halt point for the bus that reaches Chandigarh, its destination, before or during lunch time.

Sales Pitches by Vendors in Bus

At halt points, vendors try to sell all sorts of goods and services to the passengers who are sitting idle in the bus. On March 27, 2017, one of such vendors boarded the bus at the breakfast point to sell a simple magical ring. His sales pitch was intelligent but unscientific. He claimed that his ring costing INR 20 would heal blood pressure problems and piles within three months. A patient has to wear it just for the said period. The second part of the sales pitch was provocative to ensure that passengers would make their own decisions quickly. He said, “Ramlal pahale kharidega. Shamlal pahale kharidega. Phir mai kharidunga. Asa mat karo.  Pahale tum kharido. (He said that do not wait for others to buy it. Be the first one to buy the ring. In short, be the leader instead of follower.)” He easily sold three rings.

Beware of these fake pharmacists and quacks.


Does HRTC ply an ordinary bus from Mandi to Chandigarh?
An ordinary HRTC bus connecting Mandi to Chandigarh


Where is official breakfast point of Mandi-Chandigarh morning bus by HRTC?
Juice and Shake Counter within Himalayan Dhaba at Mongasahib. The road side eatery serves Indian snacks, meals, fresh juices, milk shakes, fresh lassi… The eatery also has washrooms that can be used without any payment.


Which type of beverages will I get along HRTC Mandi-Chandigarh bus route?
A lassi counter within Himalayan Dhaba, the breakfast point


What is snack menu at halt points selected by HRTC Mandi to Chandigarh bus route?
Snacks (pakoda and samosa) Counter within Himalayan Dhaba