Naddi hotels for less than INR 1,000 pnpp

 Naddi in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India


Naddi, a popular picturesque destination in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India, does not have a big chain hotel, but several private individual hotels offer a variety of accommodations ranging from standard to deluxe to presidential rooms. If you are planning a budget trip to Naddi, here is a short list of low-end hotels and booking tips.

Budget hotels in Naddi: a survey 

Tariff on hotel websites

While searching the web on February 6, 2013, we selected the following hotels where you can book a room for less than INR 1,000 per night, per person (pnpp) on twin sharing basis during the off season. This tariff includes taxes and other charges. The following table features price range for the seven low-end hotels with links to the websites:

S.No. Hotel name Tariff range in Indian rupees (INR) per night twin sharing basis* (Source of information: hotel websites)Minimum                                  Maximum
1 Sahima Hotel

900 2200
2 Sikhar Hotel

1000 1500
3 Snow Retreat

1000 1300
4 Himgiri Resort

1015 1745
5 Snow Crest Inn

1200 1500
6 Valley View Crest

1200 2800
7 Nishaad Resorts

1320 1540

[* Some of the tariffs include taxes and other charges while others do not.]

Tariff on online travel booking sites

On February 6, 2013, we also dug into ten (10) online travel booking sites to find the budget hotels. Here are our findings:

  1. “Naddi”  keyword search on Cleartrip, Expedia and HotelKhoj displayed five, four and three hotels respectively.
  2. “Naddi” keyword search on Ezeego1, Goibibo, Ixigo, MakeMyTrip, TravelGuru, TripAdvisor  and Yatra did not display Naddi-specific hotels. However, a list of 19-87 Dharamshala hotels was generated. We had to browse through the list to find Naddi hotels, which was inconvenient.
  3. The survey revealed that price of the cheapest Naddi room was INR 929 per night on twin sharing basis. The most expensive accommodation was worth about INR 4,100. The hotel price information collected from the nine sites      follows:
    • Cleartrip:         1,010-4,126
    • Expedia:          968-1,762
    • Ezeego1:         1,027-3,714
    • Gibibo:             968-1,396
    • HotelKhoj:        1,265-1,760
    • Ixigo:                1,018-3,839
    • MakeMyTrip:    929-3,940
    • Travelguru:       1,000-4,125
    •        1,000-3,700


Hotel booking tips

Check-in and check-out time 

Confirm check-in and check-out time while booking. 

Mode of payment

Some of the hotel websites feature the complete details of the bank where payment can be deposited. Some may accept demand drafts.

Avoid paying full tariff in advance 

Some hotels demand full payment in advance. You should talk to the owner and try to pay only token amount in advance. So that, you may consider staying somewhere else if the actual room does not match the online pictures.

Off season vs. peak season 

The off season stretches from end of August-December 20 to Jan 2-March 31.  You will find both off season (the lowest) and peak season rates (the highest) on the websites. The off season discount could go up to 30%. However, the restaurant menu may be limited during the off season and service may be slow as most of the hotel staff goes on leave to visit their home town.


Currently, all hotels charge a luxury tax of 10% and service tax of 7.42%.

 Naddi vs. Nadi

Do not confuse Naddi with Nadi International Airport in Nadi, the Republic of Fiji. Naddi is a Himalayan hamlet in Himachal Pradesh, whereas Nadi is a conurbation in the Republic of Fiji.