The Regent Palms in Mandi: A Review of Non AC Standard Room & The Saffron Restaurant

Mandi has a number of hotels. However, only a few are located centrally. A number of hotels, cheap and costly, stand on the Manali Highway. These highway properties are about two kilometres from the bus stand. The centrally located hotels are expensive. For instance, a non AC standard room in The Regent Palms, located opposite Cloak Tower and next to Seri Manch, costs approximately INR 2,200 per night (inclusive of 19% luxury and service taxes). I stayed in this room for two days in March 2017. I could negotiate tariff and paid INR 1,711 per person, per night.

The room was small but attached bathroom was spacious. Both bathroom and washroom were well-kept. But ventilation was an issue until a ventilator was opened partly on request. Since all windows and ventilators were closed with translucent glass, it was difficult to find out when the sun rose and the sun set.

The Saffron, a fine dining restaurant within the hotel, served well prepared food. The big food portions are an asset for group visitors. But this generosity is painful for solo guests because big portions either lead to wastage or overeating. Both are wrong practices. The hotel should also serve small / medium size portions for solo guests.

The service was prompt.

Browse the photos to feel the hotel amenities and services.


A Mid-end hotel in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Peach-orange building of The Regent Palms Hotel near Seri Manch and Clock Tower.


 The Regent Palms' bathrooms
Washbasin area in the bathroom


Attached bathroom of standard room in The Regent Palms
Clean spacious en suite bathroom


A hotel with tariff ranging from INR 1800 to 4200
Non AC Standard Room No 302: Comfortable double bed has clean linen but space around the bed is too less to walk fearlessly.


In-room amenities in The Regent Palms Hotel located in Mandi, Himachal Himalayas
(L to R) A small living area. Closets for luggage.


Eating options in Mandi
The Saffron, a fine dining restaurant in Mandi


Fine dining restaurant in Mandi
Bollywood inspired menu of The Saffron Restaurant


Restaurants in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Generous food portion at The Saffron restaurant. Diwani Handi, mix veg (INR 199 per portion exclusive of taxes). One plain tandoor roti costs INR 25 exclusive of taxes.