Safety Features in Atal Tunnel under the Rohtang Pass

The Atal Tunnel under the Rohtang Pass boasts almost 1,000 emergency features.

Is the 9-km tunnel extremely risky?

Here is the list of emergency features and their count:

An Emergency Egress or Escape Tunnel

A 3.6x2.25m fire-proof emergency escape tunnel is laid inside the main tunnel due to topographical reasons. This is the first Indian tunnel featuring an escape tunnel within the main tunnel. Generally, escape tunnels are laid beside the main tunnel.

Turning Caverns

4 Turning caverns (1/2.2km)

Air Quality Monitors

8 Air quality monitors (1/km)

Emergency Exits

17 Emergency exits (1/500m)


36 CCTVs as part of an automatic incident detection and broadcasting system (1/250m)


60 Telephone Connections (1/150m)

Fire Hydrant

150 Fire hydrant mechanisms (1/60m)

Exit Signs

360 Exit signs (1/25m)

Evacuation Lights

360 Evacuation lights (1/25m)