Supervise private bus services to stop overcharging

During July 2010, we traveled by private buses between Katrain and Manali (Himachal Pradesh) on at least four occasions. All the buses except one charged INR 20.00 per person (US$ 0.45 ,  € 0.34 , £ 0.29) for the journey. The fourth time the conductor demanded two rupees extra per person for the same distance and same type of the bus. We refused to pay. Then, he charged us only twenty rupees per person after an argument. However, the rude bus conductor did not drop us in front of our hotel, which was done by other buses previously. We do not mind walking, but it was pouring heavily that day (July 22, 2010). Two-rupee is not a big sum either, but passengers shall not be overcharged. Transport authorities should ensure that bus service providers do not charge as per their whims and fancy.