The Grand Raj Kangra: affordable, clean, convenient, pleasant staff

We liked the Hotel Grand Raj straight off the bat for various reasons. The receptionist showed us all types of rooms before checking in to choose a room matching our needs and budget.

The big appeal of the Grand Raj is elegant rooms without frills. The view from the Room No. 113 (Premium Room), where we spent five days during September 2012, was charming. The view comprises the Himalayan mountain ranges, corn and maize fields and the lawns.

The airy bright room with marble flooring has a spacious balcony facing away from the road. The traffic noise did not reach our ears although the hotel on Dharamshala Road, in Kangra Town is a 2-3 minute walk from the new bus stand.

The spacious room @ INR 2,985.00 per night for double occupancy (inclusive of 15% discount and 17.42% tax) was worth the money spent. The in-room amenities include a roomy luggage holder, electric kettle for round-the-clock tea, fan, extra quilt, hangers, sleepers and toiletries (soap, bath gel and moisturizer). Our Tata Photon wireless internet worked well within the room.

Knowledgeable and courteous staff was ready to help in locating places and creating the itinerary of our choice. Attendants were receptive. The service was prompt.

“Budget hotel, star comforts,” the tagline of the new hotel opened in 2010 is just perfect. The “star comforts” include state-of-the-art LCD televisions, air conditioners, intercoms, geysers in the bathrooms, full-size cupboards, chairs with center tables and chairs for dressers and / or writing the diary.

However, the room has downsides too:

–        The commode is too high, so inconvenient even for the guests of average height.

–        Laundry service was mediocre. Some clothes were washed very well, while others needed another wash.

–        The window and the door opening into the balcony do not have net doors to keep mosquitoes at the bay during rains.

–        The well-kept wash room becomes slippery even after one bath, increasing chances of slipping. Be extra careful!

–        The location of the television and dressing table is not appropriate. Swap the location of these two essentials to ensure  that both occupants can watch television from the bed more comfortably.

Our Verdict:

We recommend the hotel for the following reasons:

+        convenient location,

+        cleanliness,

+        simple and beautiful interior,

+        prompt and warm service,

+        budget friendliness,

+        payment through credit card and

+        no advance payment

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