Chavani rests in collectors’ lockers

25-paise coins (India)


Chavani, the 25-paisa coin (one fourth of the Indian Rupee), has become an artifact. The coin, unveiled in 1950, is not a legal tender anymore. Sad demise of the coin happened in June 2011. From July 1, 2011, 50- paisa coin “atthanni” became the lowest denomination of the Indian currency.

It is sad to know that value of money is declining. Three decades ago, I just paid one chavani to buy my favorite samosa during school recess. The samosa nowadays costs INR 6.50 at an ordinary sweet shop in Chandigarh. It costs more in big cities, shops and restaurants. However, you have one less coin to familiarize with and remember while traveling to India. If you are traveling to India, remember not to take 25-paisa coin from anyone.