Driving in Himalayas during the Rains: Watch out for Landslides, Rock falls, Slurries, Whiteouts

Driving in the Himalayas, a challenge in itself, requires special skills and experience to negotiate its thin snaky roads. In fact, unmetalled and dirt roads are common in the mountain. During rainy season, metalled roads become slithery and the dirt roads turn into slurries, making driving difficult. Landslides, rock falls and whiteouts reducing visibility cut down speed of traffic that may lead to snarl-ups.

Tourists and travelers from plains may also suffer from mountain sickness- giddiness, vertigo. If they wish to travel by private vehicles, an honest self-review of driving experience and skills before hitting the road would minimize chances of accidents. They can hire local taxis, local drivers or experienced drivers to enjoy more headroom, legroom and privacy of private vehicles.