Who should not go for high altitude adventures?


We do not want to discourage you. But, high altitude adventures are not for everyone. Especially, the following five groups of people should not undertake the travel at all:

  1. Beauty conscious people should not go for the adventures because chances of getting sun tan and sun burns are extremely high. Even regular use of sun screen lotions may not be of help.
  2. People expecting spoon-feeding are a spoilsport. For instance, people who want that someone should hold their hand and make them walk even on moderately steep slopes are a drain on the team.
  3. People who dislike snow and solitude would not enjoy the adventure, as the high altitudes are famous for both.
  4. If unfit people join the adventures, they not only spoil chances of their success but also that of the team members who are fully fit.
  5. People who dislike hardships should never try these journeys.

So, prioritize your travel activities, prepare accordingly and enjoy the most.