MEETS: 5 Reasons to Book a Home Stay Accommodation

Benefits of a home stay accommodation.

You can sum up the benefits of a home stay accommodation as “MEETS.”  The acronym means

Mingle with locals: Staying with a local family offers more opportunities for direct interaction with locals on daily basis. 

Experience real India (country): Since families instead of professional entrepreneurs run home stays, you can observe real India. 

Experience and enjoy traditional lifestyle of the destination: As you probably know, change is the essence of all types of travel and tourism. A home stay is your ticket to a cultural exchange experience that will introduce you to a new community that may think and live differently. 

Taste authentic local food: The home stay gives you an access to home made food and regional delicacies that are generally not served in restaurants. If you and your host get along well, you may even get the recipe of a dish of your choice. 

Save money: Last but not the least, the home stay is more economical than a commercial accommodation. Moreover, your host gets a chance to earn a livelihood.

So, a home stay is a place where the guest from one part of the world MEETS the host from another part of the world in search of a new set of mutually beneficial opportunities.