New Lake: a Good Recreation Area but a Long Way to Go

New Lake in Chandigarh
A White Rose from New Lake, Chandigarh

New Lake, located opposite Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (CIHM) in Sector 42 D, Chandigarh, was inaugurated in 2008. This toddler still needs lots of grooming. It is bare from all sides unlike Sukhna Lake in Sector 1. Seedlings have been planted. When they grow up and mature, it is going to be a beautiful place for watching the world go by, picnic and idling. The cement steps end into the non-linear lake with a fountain. There are high and wide platforms around the lake. There are however no benches.

Tubewell-fed artificial lake has enough public conveniences, but we did not find any dustbin. The undeveloped area and the part of the lake near parking were littered.

We visited the lake on Feb 27, 2011. It was Sunday afternoon. Lovers dominated the thin crowd. Some families and friends were basking in the sun and / or cooling their feet in the lake. Crown of the Shiwalik Range rose against the sky behind the outdoor parking lot near main entrance of the lake.  Vibrant flowers of barf (ice plant) occupied the beds of tall leaf less trees. Uninhibited wind flew from all sides and coaxed the water to move and ripple continuously. Small ripples glided over satin green patterns shimmering under bright warm sun.  Sky was freely available to gaze at.

Kids enjoyed a dip ignoring the warning boards that say bathing and washing clothes in the lake are prohibited. Most of the conversations that fell on our ears were fraught with foul language that I have not heard at Sukhna. Even young school kids had no hesitation in using expletives.

Armed police was conspicuous by absence unlike Sukhna where men in uniform are a common sight.

You will find chole kulcha, ice cream and sugarcane juice vendors in the parking lot. We tried the juice which was really tasty and affordable at INR 10.00 per glass.