Reliable Dentists in Chandigarh

rp_Dentist.png Relocating has its own plusses and minuses. For instance, falling sick in a new city or town can be a big hassle, as you are not familiar with local medical service options. So, it will be good to share our medical experiences with fellow travelers as we keep moving.

When we shifted toChandigarh, it took us quite long to find a reliable dentist after consulting many new acquaintances and colleagues. However, references were worth the effort and patience we showed.

We tried two dental clinics: Tooth Zone (House No: 258, Sector 33-A,Chandigarh. Telephone: 0172-2660258) and Pratibha AdvancedDentalCareCenter(PADCC) (#6102, M.H.C. (Duplex), Manimajra,Chandigarh. Telephone: 0172-4624727). Doctors at both the clinics were skillful and equally talented. But, there were some differences, which might be of concern for some patients. On many occasions, a trainee doctor may examine you before an experienced dentist at Tooth Zone, whereas there are no trainees at Pratibha’s. The doctor at PADCC attends every patient on her own. She is very cheerful and patient. She is never in a hurry. Tooth Zone is bright and slightly more cleaner than the PADCC. If we rate both the clinics on a 1-10 scale for cleanliness, Tooth Zone will score 8 and PADCC 7 to 7.5. Well-appointed Tooth Zone boasts a television to entertain patients waiting for their turn. PADCC does not have this luxury. Both offers glossy magazines and newspapers to keep you busy during waiting period. Services of both are reasonably priced and very much affordable.

But for us, doctor’s attention, skill and talent are more important than the frills. We do not like to be examined by trainee doctors first and then reexamined by the doctor. Especially, when we are in pain and problem, and expecting immediate attention and relief.

But, how trainee doctors will gain practical experience? I have no instant answer to this question.