6 Reasons to Avoid Top of Moving Bus

Things not to do while traveling by bus in the Himalayas



Sitting on the top of the bus plying within the Indian Himalayan states is fatal and prohibited for the safety of travelers. So, avoid it at any cost. The bus top may give you short-term pleasure of gazing at the landscape. But, if you reach safely to your destination, you will get better views to enjoy and capture on film and / or memory card. 

Here are 6 reasons to avoid the top during bus travel:

Damaging Downpour 

A downpour makes metal bus roof slippery, increasing chances of falling down. Sitting under rain and snow for long may also affect your health.

Eager Electricity Wires 

Sitting on the top of the bus brings you close to live electricity wires, making you prone to electrocution. 

Fatal Falls 

The top of the bus designed to store luggage does not feature enough bars and rails to hold on to, increasing chances of fall, especially during bumpy rides that are characteristic of every tour of the Himalayas. 

Loose Land 

Landslides and rock falls, which are common in many parts of the region, hurt badly. These falls can be deadly. Moreover, injuries will dampen your adventurous spirits. 

Overt Overloading 

It also leads to overloading that may cause imbalance, increasing chances of deadly accidents.  A few over enthusiastic passengers occupying top of the bus can put other passengers in deep trouble. 

Razor-sharp Rocks 

The touch of rocks with sharp edges can cause injury to your body. The injuries will impair your adventure plans.