Where can you buy baked goods in Chandigarh?



I love baked goods and always look for healthy varieties in bakeries. In Chandigarh, supply of industrially produced breads is ample, but variety is limited and sameness bores me. Recently, I found three varieties of Mrs. Bector’s English Oven (Jalandhar) bread in Peshwari, a self-service grocery and vegetable store in Sector 19. English Oven, a mass produced bread brand, sells yummy multigrain, atta (whole wheat) and brown breads. But their prices are higher than other industrially produced breads and supply is comparatively limited.

I tried two local bakeries: Swiss Pie (Sector 19) and Nik Bakers (Sector 35). But I never enjoyed pricey baked goods of the former. Partly fresh and partly stale ingredients used for pineapple pastry (INR 45.00) of Swiss Pie were disappointing. Nik Bakers’ plush store cum lounge, where I sampled a fruit bun (INR 50.00 per piece), 7-grain bagel (INR 65.00 per piece), wheat pizza base (INR 45.00 per two pieces), whole wheat kulcha (INR 50.00 for six pieces) and garlic bread (INR 60.00 per loaf), is expensive. However, all products were fresh, well prepared and tasty. So occasionally I would love to splurge in Nik Bakers. Both Swiss Pie and Nik Bakers offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.

Nik also offers home delivery service, which I have not tried so far.

Many times I bought multigrain and whole wheat breads from Empire Store in Sector 17. Freshly baked breads were tasty, but the store sold stale breads with smelly fungus on one or two occasions. Inconsistent quality compelled me to try other bakeries.

You may try all three to find the best one.