20th Day of Nanda Raj Jat: Sutol to Karanprayag

September 5, 2014 Friday

Friendly weather favored us once more. But jeep drivers did not. They successfully demanded INR 200 per person for a short shared jeep ride of thirty minutes from Sutol to Ghat. Deities and all the pilgrims continued their return journeys to respective homes.

But I could not experience deities’ return journeys for mismanagement by YJ. My scheduled visit to and a halt at Ghat became a dream. I took a public bus to Karanprayag from Ghat (INR 70 per person) where private buses also quoted high fares (INR 125 per person, 78.5% more) than that of the public buses. After three days, I had a proper dinner and spent the night in “my bed” in GMVN rest house in Karanprayag.

Here are some more pictures from the Pandav Nritya that continued on the 20th day of Nanda Raj Jat 2014.