Dal Lake to Pari Mahal: ½ to 1 Day Acclimatization Walk in Srinagar

Pari Mahal / Pari Palace (about 1,740 meters)

A group of arched terraces, Pari Mahal sits on one of the spurs of the Zabarwan Hills. The palace commemorates secular spiritual guru of Prince Dara Shikoh, the grandson of Emperor Jahangir. His guru, Shah Muhammad, is also known as Akhund Shah or Mullah Shah Badakshi. This multi-level structure built on the ruins of a monastery was initially named as Koh-i-Tilwan. Later on the building was renamed as Pari Mahal after Pari Begum, the wife of Dara. Some historians claim that it was a khanqah, some say it was a madarsa (school), and others believe it was an astronomy school.

Terraces of Pari Mahal
Arches of Pari Mahal

A centrally protected monument and maintained by Archeological Survey of India, this complex features water tanks instead of water fountains or water streams that are characteristic of Mughal gardens. The tanks are connected with underground water pipes. The palace affords views of Centaur Lake View Hotel, Dal Lake, Royal Springs Golf Course, and Srinagar city.

Royal Springs Golf Club in Srinagar
Royal Springs Golf Club as seen from Pari Mahal