Breakfast at Chamba Hotel and Restaurant

We alighted in front of Chamba Hotel and Restaurant in Thikse Village, about forty-minute bus drive from Leh, around 9:00 a.m. on September 23, 2013. The sky was grey and cloudy. It was a nip in the air. The empty restaurant was probably awaiting the last guests of the season.


Dining Spaces 

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining spaces. We opted for outdoor space. The tables were covered with clean white tablecloths printed with floral patterns in dark brown color. The flower beds hemming the space still had blossoms of aster, dahlia, and marigold.

The dining space was clean. The umbrellas were open.



We ordered a la carte Indian breakfast: cauliflower paratha (stuffed flat Indian bread) with curds, butter, and pickle. But pickle was not available because the restaurant was preparing to close for winter. The portion of fresh curds (INR 60 per bowl) was generous. The bread was well done. The paratha filling was enough. The paratha cost INR 50 per piece. We paid 10% extra towards service charge.

Gobi Paratha, Chamba Restaurant, Thikse
Gobi paratha served in Chamba Hotel and Restaurant, Thiksey Monastery


The menu offers four breakfast choices: American, Continental, Indian, and Set. The price ranges from INR 130 to 160 per person exclusive of service charge (10%). The menu features egg dishes but no meat items.



The waiter was courteous and prompt.



The washroom with western toilet was useable.


Our Verdict 

We may again eat here,  as food was fresh and place was clean.