JK Tourist Bungalow II: A Cheap Safe Hotel in Kargil

A cheap safe hotel in Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II, located opposite Hussani Park, is an old traditional wooden structure facing the Suru River. The structure within easy walking distance of the bus stands, taxi stands, and Lal Chowk is in reasonably good condition. The unmanicured garden at the entrance housed long grass, red and magenta color flowers and bright yellow sunflowers that attracted several nectar collectors. The rooms have tiled bath rooms with western commodes. The big glass and mesh windows let the fresh air and the sun befriend with the occupants and keep the insects at the bay. Small balconies facing the main road laced with the grey waters of the bubbly Suru provide space for (1) basking in the sun and (2) drying clothes because every budget traveler prefers to do own laundry. The first floor has five rooms. The Room Number 1 is earmarked for the VIPs. This is the only room with geyser for 24-hour hot water supply.

I stayed in two different rooms of the bungalow during September, 2017: room numbers 3 and 2.


A flower from the unmanicured garden, JK Tourist Bungalow II, Kargil
A flower from the unmanicured garden
 garden of Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II, Kargil
Sunflowers from the unmanicured garden




The bungalow has a basic kitchen managed by Kasim and his assistant. During my first stay, I did not get any food because Kasim was on leave on the first day and on the remaining two days, I was the only guest for dinner. However, Kasim’s assistant served toasts on the first night. They also offered me another option: they would buy food from a dhaba / restaurant.

During my second and third stay, Kasim cooked rice, sabji of my choice, salad, and dal for dinner. An unlimited dinner costed my INR 100, including room service. Sabji and dal were well prepared. But he never cooks chapati or roti. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are available.

Tip: Do order in advance, at least few hours before the meal time. They will buy fresh vegetables, meat, dal…


Dinner served at Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II: (L-R) Carrot beans curry and rice with salad


Drinking Water

I had water from the hand pump installed within the bungalow complex located next to the public library and two schools. Locals also drink from this pump. Initially, the caretaker advised me to buy bottled water. But I wanted to try what locals drink. It was not a disappointment.

Room Number 3

I spent three nights (September 7-10) in this airy bright sunny room on the first floor. The en suite bathroom was clean and bright. However, the flush leaked and the swollen door never closed properly. Since I was the only occupant of the double-bed room, the door was not a big issue.

The bed smelled good. The sockets worked. My stuff, eatables, luggage, and water jug, covered the wooden table whose buddy, the chair, was placed in the balcony. In the night, I missed curtains that were required to block streetlight entering from the big window. This disturbance was too brief to bother me because I was fully spent after a long bus ride. The sleep embraced me tightly and quickly.

Room Number 3, Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II, Kargil.
Room Number 3: (L to R) balcony door and bath room door.


View from the balcony of Room Number 3, Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II., Kargil
View from the balcony of Room Number 3: (F – B) parking along the road connecting main market and the bus stand. The Suru river.


Room Number 3, JK Tourist Bungalow II, Kargil
Room Number 3: The main door is exactly opposite the balcony door, ensuring cross ventilation when both the doors are open.


A review of a cheap safe hotel in Kargil
Room Number 3: The paint has cracked and peeled from the bathroom wall. But the wall does not stink.

Bathroom in Room Number 3: A Pictorial View of Basic Amenities

Photos of JK Tourist Bungalow II, Kargil


Pictures of Bathroom in Room Number 3, Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II


Images of Bathroom in Room Number 3, Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II


Bathroom JK Tourist Bungalow II, Kargil: A Photo Gallery
Two ventilators on the opposite walls of the bathroom ensure exit of the polluted air and entry of fresh air.


 Bathroom in Room Number 3, Jammu and Kashmir (JK) Tourist Bungalow II
The bathroom door always remains ajar because the door frame and the door are misaligned.

Room Number 2

On September 17 and 21, I was upgraded to a better room: Room Number 2 facing the VIPs’ room. The flush worked fine. The caretaker provided a half bucket of piping hot water free of cost to freshen up. This twin-bed room had curtains for the windows. The streetlight, therefore, did not dare to interfere with my sleep. It had a dresser without its main part, the mirror. The functional sockets for charging mobiles helped me in connecting with my friends and relatives.

Basic Amenities in Room Number 2


Bathroom of Room Number 2: Basic Amenities



Just INR 400 per person, per day

It is really affordable.


Book the room (s) in advance. Contact Department of Tourism and Tourist Reception Center located in the Main Market, Kargil.

The department may ask you to send a written booking request using snail mail, including speed post. So you need some extra time.

Check Kargil District’s official website for the working phone numbers.

Remember, you may not get the number in the first try. Try again. You will get the number sooner or later.

If rooms are available, walk-in guests may be accommodated.


The staff told me that there is a plan to demolish the old structure and rebuild it. The town has another accommodation, Bungalow I, nearby.


I will stay here again.