A Short Walk to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis

Hemis Monastery and its festival are very popular among the visitors. However, only a few know about the nearby walk. This short walk along the well-marked cemented path leads to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis.

You can measure this path leading to a quiet pilgrimage site in Ladakh on your own. There is no need of a guide. At leisure pace, you can complete the walk in less than an hour. Keep some time to spend at the monastery and along the trail to spot birds and watch the wild flowers. And interpret the rocks baring their contours without any inhibitions. One more fact may increase your interest in the trail: These rocks are home to elusive snow leopard.

Browse our photo story, Gotsang Monastery Trail in Pictures, to decide whether you want to walk the trail or not.

Gotsang Monastery Trail in Pictures

(Photography Date: July 6, 2014)

Gotsang Monastery Trail, Hemis
A group of 3 devotees, consisting of a mother and her two daughters, waits along the sunny Gotsang trail to catch the breath. In the background, Gotsang Monastery appears as a miniature.


Gotsang Walk near Hemis Monastery
A partly shaded section of the Gotsang walk


Hemis Monastery to Gotsang Walk
Two young sisters struggle to maintain the pace under the scorching sun.


Hemis Monastery to Gotsang Hike
(L to R) Stones stacked in the memory of departed souls. Fresh wild roses cheer up the visitors.


Gotsang Monastery Trail Landscape, Hemis
The mother rests at the trail and awaits her two daughters who are trailing behind.