Bir Billing Do

Bir Billing walk

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Soft Adventure 1: Hike from Bir to Ahju Fort / Aiju / Ahaju Garha The fort built on the Sikander Ridge is strategically located on the border of Kangra and Mandi districts. The ridge offers a bird’s eye view of several villages, towns, and tourist places located in the districts. For example, you can spot Mohan Ghati, Baijnath, Dharamshala, Palpung Sherabling (Bhattu),

Paragliding in Billing, Indian Himalayas

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Bird-watching in the sky Paragliding in Bir and Billing gives an exciting option for bird watchers to spot and fly with Himalayan Golden Eagles, Griffon Vultures, and Lammergeiers. Monastic Art and Monasteries After China invaded Tibet in mid-twentieth century, several new monasteries, including that of Nyingmapa School of the Tibetan Buddhism were built in Bir. However, the monasteries used flat synthetic colors:


Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Why is Billing one of the best paragliding sites? After the southwest monsoon that drenches the region during June-September, tropical anti-cyclonic conditions continue for a number of weeks in autumn (October – November), making paragliding possible on all days. The region features good thermals and light winds. The Dhauladhar overlooks the plains offering several safe landing spots. Paragliding over Bir-Billing unfolds a