Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme 2008

Checklist for registering home stay in Himachal

Besides a duly filled in registration application form for registering a home stay in Himachal Pradesh, you also need the following documents (Annexure II): Report of inspection done by the concerned district tourism development officer (DTDO) or any other officer of the tourism department Revenue documents An affidavit by the unit owner on guidelines discussed in the Clause 8 of the Scheme, 2008 Registration fee = INR 100 Or Registration

Documents & information required for Himachal home stay application form

The Annexure I to the Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme 2008 contains an application form for registering a home stay unit. The application form requires the following information and documents: Details of Applicant / Entrepreneur / Home stay owner Name Address, including landline telephone number, fax, mobile number, fax Name of father   Himachal Home Stay Unit Details Name Location Distance from the proposed home stay unit to the nearest airport

9 Responsibilities of home stay owners living in Himachal Pradesh

Maintain at least minimum standards prescribed for cleanliness, quality food, and sanitation. The Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme 2008 lists a number of responsibilities of the local home stay owners. Some of these resembles to that of the commercial hotel owners and managers. The owners shall 1. Register home stay unit with Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism. 2. Follow the Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme in letter and spirit. 3.

Himachal Pradesh home stay registration provisions

The Himachal Pradesh Home Stay Scheme 2008 includes a number of provisions for registering a homestay in the State. The provisions are divided here in three groups: The DTDO issues a home stay registration certificate and tariff card after verifying that the unit meets the prescribed standards. Process of Home Stay Registration (Clauses 6 and 9) Any owner of a private house situated in the rural areas or proprietor shall

Exemptions and Incentives for Home Stays in Himachal Pradesh

3 Qs about Homestay Incentives Why? Which? Who? Himachal Pradesh offers a number of incentives to promote the home stay scheme. But why does it promote the scheme? What types of incentives are available for local home stay owners? Who can avail themselves of the incentives? Read on to find the answers to these questions. 3 Reasons to Offer Exemptions and Incentives to Home Stays in Himachal Pradesh (Clause 7)

3 Definitions from Himachal Pradesh Homestay, Scheme 2008

The Himachal Pradesh Home Stay, Scheme 2008 came into force on the date notification, July 15, 2008 (Clause 3). The Clause 4 defines three keywords: Home Stay A country-side, a well-kept, and an easily accessible private house in rural area A country-side house means a house located in a farm house, an orchard, a tea garden and so forth. The house that can offer 1-3 guestrooms with attached toilets for